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Our Curriculum

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Our Academies have developed a curriculum which puts our pupils at its core.  We believe our pupils learn best through first-hand experiences, making the most of the local environment and beyond.  Our curriculum is designed to engage and inspire our pupils, giving them a broad range of experiences, knowledge, skills and understanding which will form a strong and lasting foundation for their future education.

Our pupils learn best when learning is linked, meaningful and has a purpose.  Therefore our Academies take a thematic approach to the curriculum which is linked to a key high quality text.  A cross curricular approach is taken, linking the theme and the text in a meaningful way to other areas of the curriculum to ensure our pupils have the opportunity to apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of contexts.  Allowing our pupils opportunities to apply their learning in other areas is vital to ensure a depth of learning.  Subject areas which do not link directly with the topic are taught discretely.

We want our pupils to have the opportunity to celebrate their learning as this gives their learning purpose and meaning.  It also allows them to share, discuss and teach others what they have learnt, deepening their understanding.

We provide opportunities during the academic year for parents and carers to spend time in the classrooms learning with the children. For any further information about the curriculum, please contact the school office.

These topics represent the foundation of our curriculum. As we take a mastery approach to teaching and learning, we teach each of these objectives in great depth, and there is a large amount of subject knowledge and skill which sit behind each one.

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