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Pupil Voice

Pupil Parliament

The role of our Pupil Parliament is to support the SLT and the staff to make White House Academy the best place that it can be so that the pupils can be as successful as possible. Each member of the parliament has to be a positive role model for the other children in the school, so must consistently demonstrate that they can be: reliable, responsible, honest, sensible, friendly and approachable.

The Pupil Parliament meets regularly to work on a number of projects throughout the year (for example, they recently worked with the Town Farm Residents Association to plant over 100 daffodils at each school). They will also liaise with other members of the school community (for example, members of STEP Academy Trust, governors and the Friends of White House) to find out how these roles help to lead the development of the school and how the members of the parliament can support this.

Our Pupil Parliament is incredibly hardworking and we are very grateful for the commitment that they demonstrate to making our academy the best that it can be.

White House Academy Pupil Parliament Survey – November 2018

In November 2018, the Pupil Parliament at White House carried out a survey of all the children to find out their views on the academy. Key findings included:

- 90% of the children said that they enjoyed school

- 97% of the children felt that they had progressed positively in their learning.

- 94% of children felt that adults at school cared about them.

- 92% of children felt safe at school

The Pupil Parliament have additionally carried out interviews with a sample group of pupils to find out more about key areas of school life and how we can improve further.