Report to parents July 2016

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received: current academic year
Total number of pupils on roll 177
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 59 pupils in year 1-6

(Year R pupils to be included when confirmed in September 2016)

Amount of PPG received per pupil 31566.10
Total amount of PPG received £92400


Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received: previous academic year
Total number of pupils on roll 178
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 71
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1170.42
Total amount of PPG received £83000




Nature of support: interventions in the current academic year
Action Impact
Deployment of TA and support teachers to provide daily interventions to PPG pupils in class and through Maths and English catch up and booster work each afternoon to consolidate the learning and to deliver phonics booster sessions each morning

Groupings organised and reviewed each term, following the teacher assessments

The gap between PPG pupils and peers to narrow in Reading, Writing and Maths in each year group

PPG pupils to be at least at age related expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths by July 2017

Cost: £82450
To provide enrichment activities to support pupil engagement and participation in wider academy life and to improve attendance figures so that PPG pupils reach attendance target of 96% 100% PPG pupils attend at least one academy trip, including a 3 day residential visit for each Year 6 pupil

100% PPG pupils to attend at least one after academy club each week, to develop positive attitudes to learning

Cost: £8000
To provide a daily subsidised ‘Early Birds’ breakfast club To provide PPG pupils with a healthy choice of breakfast and to improve their preparedness for learning

The provision to be expanded to raise the current figure of 7 to 12 PPG pupils attending each day by end of term 1 2016

Cost: £1950


Nature of support: interventions in the previous academic year
Action Success criteria
Deployment of teacher to create one form entry per year group to develop good teaching and learning Year R: 66% PPG pupils reached at least age related expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths in July 2016

Year 2: 45% PPG pupils reached at least age related expectations in reading and Maths and 54% in Writing

Year 6: 66% PPG pupils reached age related expectations in reading and 33% in Maths. 39% Year 6 pupils reached ARE in Writing.


Cost: £36500
Direction of Teaching Assistants to deliver phonics and booster support in Year R and to provide additional intervention teacher in year 6 to support the pupils in Reading and Maths 60% of PPG pupils achieved a Good Level of development at the end of Year R, an improvement on 2014-15

Year 6 66% PPG pupils reached ARE in reading and 33% in Maths

Cost: £21919
Deployment of a specialist learning and behaviour lead to improve attendance and support disadvantaged pupils and families PPG pupils’ attendance rose to 93%
Cost: £14761
Enrichment activities and academy trips provided to promote achievement  and engagement with wider academy life, including subsidised breakfast club, to provide a calm, healthy start to each day for PPG pupils Pupils’ social and behavioural needs met

7 PPG pupils attended breakfast Club every day in the academy

Cost: £8011
Curriculum focus of PPG spending
Implementation of new curriculum in September 2016

The following pupils will receive additional curriculum support from September 2016:

Year R – to be confirmed in September 2016

Year 1 – 5 pupils

Year 2 – 6 pupils

Year 3 – 11 pupils

Year 4 – 16 pupils

Year 5- 8 pupils

Year 6 – 13 pupils

These pupils will receive additional support through:

 Reading: increased reading opportunities with an additional adult for PPG pupils, with an expectation on rapid development of fluency

Writing – TAs will give support to PPG pupils to provide extended daily writing opportunities, with a focus on explicit teaching of grammar within the context of the writing focus and provide support to PPG pupils to improve their skills in drafting, editing and reworking their writing

Maths – TA support in the principles of Maths mastery



Measuring the impact of PPG spending
White House Academy will evaluate the impact of each intervention at the end of each term, at our Pupil Progress meetings. These are run with the class teacher, the Principal, Associate Principal and SENCo, using the most recent teacher assessments.

Following on from the meetings, the interventions may be reorganised for PPG pupils, to make the best use of the resources. Data used includes, teacher assessment data, scrutiny of pupils’ books and pupil voice. Evaluation will look at academic gains and how pupils’ self-confidence has developed as a consequence of the intervention, as well as any other relevant outcomes such as improved attendance and exclusion rates.




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