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History & Geography


At White House Academy, our pupils travel through time to  discover and learn what life was like for our ancestors in the UK and also in more far reaching destinations.  Pupils will develop skills in sequencing time evaluating historical evidence.

Pupils will develop skills such as:

  • understanding chronology;
  • gaining an appreciation of the range and depth of historical knowledge;
  • historical interpretation;
  • historical enquiry;
  • organising and communicating their knowledge and understanding.


The study of Geography helps children to make sense of the world around them.  The study of the earth, its landforms, features, climatic conditions and inhabitant’s show our pupils how nature influences life and how cultures have taken shape.

Pupils will gain skills such as:

  • ability to use points of the compass;
  • explore and read maps, atlases and globes;
  • use plans and aerial photographs to identify landmarks;
  • use ordnance survey maps;
  • create simple plans and maps using symbols and a key;
  • use sketch maps, more detailed plans and graphs.